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Let us help you stay plugged in to your music.

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  • Sennheiser
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Broken Headphones? Blown Speakers? No Sound? Audio Jack Replacement?

Most of the headphone repairs are within a day or two. Save time and money with a reliable and affordable service.

  • 8 year experience repairing electronics
  • $45 Affordable flat rate repair
  • 90 Day Warranty on all repairs
  • Next day turnaround service (Business days)
  • Free return shipping continental USA
  • No fix, No charge
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You've heard all that already so what is new with us?

Headphone replacement
If we can't repair your headphones or the work performed is too extensive, we might buy back your broken headphones. Basically, we value your broken headphones, so we might ask you to exchange them for a refurbished pair from our inventory. "You only pay the difference on the refurbished pair price". That way we save you money and time. *Upon availability, contact us for details.
Personalize notifications
We know sometimes emails do not reach you on time, but your cell phone does. We can also text you and keep you up to date on your headphone status. **Upon customer request, available only within USA.
Accessories available
We have accessories on sale such as (pouches, hard covers, aux cables, etc)
Bilingual customer service
We offer Spanish customer service.

-Our $45 affordable flat rate repair service covers work performed on your headphones plus return shipping.

- Parts are not included in the flat rate repair service, and you are responsible for shipping your headphones to us. We will always let you know in advance if the cost of a part is over $25, we don’t want to surprise you.

-If repairs are too extensive we will contact you with a quote. If you still consider that you don’t want to repair your broken headphones, we have options to keep business with you and get you back to your music.

-Once we have finished working on your headphones, you will be notified via email, to make the corresponding payment by PayPal or money order. Once the payment is cleared in our system, we will send a confirmation along with your headphones back to you.

-We consider our customers as we would like to be considered. Therefore, we give a waiting period of 7 days, after we notify your headphones have been done, so that our customers make the corresponding payment for the work performed. If not so, we will retain the headphones as payment.

-Our refurbished headphones* come with a 90 day warranty repair service, same as all our work performed in headphone repairs.

-We carry parts for Special Edition Beats headphones. (Lamborghini, Ferrari, Gold, Sport Team Logo, etc)*

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We have dedicated ourselves to electronics, from computers to medical equipment, with more than 8 years in this field.

However, our passion for music aroused our interest in repairing these portable devices and restoring the appearance and fidelity your headphones once had.

Let Us Help You Stay Plugged In To Your Music.

If you have doubts that your headphones can be repaired, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will find the solution that is best for you. Otherwise just fill out the slip form and send them over to us.

By phone: (385)312-4908

Via email: headphonerepairhouse@gmail.com

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Since return shipping is already included on our affordable flat rate service, we recommend follow this instructions when you ship your headphones to us.

  1. Use small or medium flat rate box from USPS.
  2. Do not include accessories or original packing.
  3. Use bubble wrap or something similar to protect headphones during shipping.
  4. Include filled out slip form with description of the problem.
  5. Contact Form

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