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Blown Speakers? No Sound? Audio Jack Replacement?

Most of the headphone repairs are within a day or two. Save time and money with a reliable and affordable service.

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Broken Headband?

Take advantage of our repair package:
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Welcome to Headphones Repair

In a world with portable technology everywhere, Headphone Repair House is committed to provide service to the right complement for those devices “headphones”. Headphones are the perfect companion for those who likes to enjoy music and other on- the- go audiovisual entertainment services.

Headphone Repair House strives day to day to provide an affordable, reliable and fast headphone repair service. Come trust us your headphones and be part of our hundreds of satisfied customer.

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Reason to work with us

  • 8 year experience repairing electronics
  • $45 Affordable flat rate repair
  • 90 Day Warranty on all repairs
  • Fast turnaround service (Business days)
  • Free return shipping continental USA
  • No fix, No charge

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You’ve heard all that already so what is new with us?

Headphone replacement
If we can’t repair your headphones or the work performed is too extensive. Our refurbished headphones stock can save you money and time. We have a variety of brands and models such as Beats By Dre, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, Monster and more.

*Call for details and pricing.

Personalize notifications
We know sometimes emails do not reach you on time, but your cell phone does. We can also text you and keep you up to date on your headphone status. **Upon customer request, available only within USA.
Accessories available
We have accessories on sale such as (pouches, hard covers, aux cables, etc)
Bilingual customer service
We offer Spanish customer service.